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Utilizing Multiple Payment Methods


eshopland ecommerce platform allows merchants to add multiple payment methods to best fit your business needs and to offer diversified options for your customers. Merchants can better utilize the multiple payment methods to lower the costs and enhance cost effectiveness.


Duplicate Payment Methods


If merchant has added several payment gateways as the payment methods of your online shop, it may cause duplicate payment methods to be displayed. For example, Stripe, PayPal and Payment Asia support credit card payment at the same, such as VISA, MASTER, AMEX, UnionPay, etc. When a merchant has added all three of these payment gateways to receive payment, duplicate payment methods will be shown on the checkout page and it may cause confusion to the customers.



Merchant can better utilize the payment method setting features, making the customers to use the payment method which charged you the lowest handling charges.


Payment Gateway Charges


First, you should understand the charges of the payment gateways.


Let’s take VISA/MASTER as an example:


Stripe will charge 3.4% + HK$2.35 per each successful card charge

PayPal will charge 3.9% + fixed fee (HK$2.35) per each transaction

Payment Asia will charge eshopland users (as low as) 3.2% + HK$1 per each transaction


That means Payment Asia charges the lowest handling fees when customers make payment by VISA/MASTER.


“Enabled” & “Disable” Individual Payment Tools


Merchants should “Disable” the payment tools to avoid paying for higher handling charges.


Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Payment,  “Disable” the VISA and Master payment tools respectively on Stripe and PayPal payment method setting pages, to avoid higher transaction handling charges. Only “Enable” the payment tools which you want to use for your online shop.



On Payment Asia setting page, “Enable”  VISA, MASTER to enjoy the lowest handling charges. Also “Enable” the payment tools which you want for your online shop.



No More Duplicate Payment Methods


When customer checkout from your shop, no more duplicate payment methods will be shown.

It shows the payment methods very clearly for customer’s selection, no confusion will be caused to your customers and you can also enjoy the lowest handling charges.


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