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Auto Cancel Orders


eshopland has equipped with auto cancel orders feature, allowing you to handle orders more effectively and enhance your shop’s operational efficiency.


1.    System Auto Cancel Orders feature.


If payment failed occurred when customers use auto payment methods (e.g. Stripe) to process check-out, the system will auto cancel the orders.

The system will auto update the order status to “Cancelled”.



2.    Setting Auto Cancel “Payment Expired” Order function.


Login and go to the Admin Panel > Settings > Order


Enable  Auto cancel “payment expired” order function:

When the customer makes no payments by the specific payment deadline, the order will be cancelled automatically.

The system will auto restore the reserved stock of the cancelled order.

The system will auto update the order status to “Cancelled”.


Disable  Auto cancel “payment expired” order function:

Payment expired orders will not be cancelled.

The stock of the order will remain reserved.

The order status will remain unchanged.


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