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Customer List Overview


The various customer types and auto categorized features equipped in eshopland ecommerce platform system allow you to understand your customer types more accurately and adjust your business strategies more specifically.


1.    The Customer List.


Enter Admin Panel > Customers.


On the Customer List, you can view the Name, Email, Mobile No., Type, Last Order and Last Login Time of the customers.



2.    Customer Types.


The system will group the customers into different types with tags and icons for easy identification.




Customer who placed orders as a non-member.



Member customer who registered for an account by using a username and password on the online shop.


Sign in with Google

Member customer who signed in the shop with one’s existing Google account.


Login with Facebook

Member customer who logged in the shop with one’s existing Facebook account.


3.    Filtering Customers.


You can use the Filter  feature to view data of specific customer types.


4.    Export the Customer Record.


Click Download  on the top right corner of the Customer List to download and export the customer record in CSV file format.


You can customize the export data:


Current Page on the screen

Current Filtered Data

Export data within the specified Registration Date range


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