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Customer Order Records


The authorized shop administrators can view customers’ order records and real-time order status on the customer information page.


1.    Go to Admin Panel > Customers, select a customer and enter the Customer Information Page.


2.    You can view the Orders Overview of the customer on the Customer Information Page.


Orders Overview includes customer’s Order Quantity and Total Amount.



Processing Orders

Payment Status: Payment or refund processing

Shipment Status: Shipment or return incomplete

Further actions required.


Completed Orders

Payment Status: Payment or refund completed

Shipment Status: Shipment or return completed

No further actions required.


Cancelled Orders

Payment Status: Unpaid or payment overdue

Shipment Status: Not shipped

No further actions required.


3.    Customer’s Order Record.


The Order List shows the customer’s orders and recent status for easy management.

The order Event Logs stored the details of customer’s orders, such as order date, time and IP address.


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