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eshopland ecommerce platform has integrated with the official SF Express system, allowing merchants to add various SF Express deliver services as shipping options of their online shops, enabling customers to choose the most suitable delivery method and enhances customer satisfaction with the online shopping experience.


When customers place an order, merchants can process the shipment details through eshopland platform. The system will automatically generate SF Express waybills, which can be directly printed for arranging pickup or drop-off. Merchants can use the SF Express official SFHK App or sign into the official SF Express web account, to check the auto generated waybills created via eshopland platform SF Express Logistics Automation feature and also can instantly check the real-time status of all the dispatched waybills.


1.    Shipping Setup


Go to the Admin Panel > Settings > Shipping.


Click the Add  to add a new Shipping Method. Select a SF Express Service from the list.


SF Express – Hong Kong Delivery

SF Express – Hong Kong self-pickup

SF Express – Macau Delivery

SF Express – Macau self-pickup


All data related to SF Express services are collected from the official website of SF Express:


Pick Up at SF Business Stations and SF Stores 


Pick Up at SF Service Partners (Include 7-Eleven Convenience Stores, Circle K Convenience Stores, Shell Stations and Small-sized Chain Stores & Individual Stores)


Pick Up at SF Lockers


2.    Set the Shipping Method Name


The system will auto generate the name fields in different languages based on your shop’s Language Settings.


You can edit the name of the templates.



3.    Set the Charging Method


No Shipping Fee

No shipping fee will be charged on the customers, e.g. free delivery or charge on delivery.


Charging Method Set up

You can choose to charge the shipping fee based on a fixed rate or charge by weight.



Fixed Fee

You must set a fixed rate.

Each order will be charged for the Fixed Fee for one time only.


Charge by Weight

You are required set the initial weight and subsequent weight respectively (calculated per kilogram), such as setting the initial weight as 1KG and subsequent weight as 0.5KG.

You are required to set the charging amount for the initial weight and subsequent weight respectively.

You are required to set weight for each of your products to ensure the accuracy of the shipping charges.

The system will auto calculate the shipping fee according to the gross weight of the products in each order.


4.    SF Express Delivery Setup


Shipping Address is Required


Enable  Shipping Address is Required, the shipping address will become a mandatory field.



Customers will be required to provide recipient’s details and shipping address to complete the shopping cart check-out process.



5.    SF Pick Up Setup


When you use the SF Pick Up templates, the Shipping Address is Required feature will be hidden automatically. The customers will not be required to enter an address.

The system has recorded the addresses of all SF Pickup points according to the official website of SF Express.

Customers will only be required to provide recipient’s details and choose a SF Pickup point to pick up the order.



6.    Shipping Method Description


Write down notes for customers who choose to use this shipping method




7.    Apply


Save  to apply the changes.


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