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Manage Customer Information


On the eshopland admin panel, you can view and manage customers’ information or check member customers’ type conveniently.


1.    Enter the Customer Information Page.


Go to Admin Panel > Customers and select the Customer’s Name to enter the Customer Information Page.


2.    Customer Information.



Customer information is stored when customer register as a shop member or proceed shopping cart checkout.

Member customer can sign in to the shop member account and update the personal information.


Customer Name

Merchants can edit the name of the customers.


Member Type




Both merchants and member customers can edit the customer’s email address.


Login Name



Mobile Number

Both merchants and member customers can edit the customer’s mobile number.


Shipping Address

Support multiple shipping addresses.

Both merchants and member customers can edit or add customer’s shipping address.


3.    Customer’s Other Information.


Merchants can also view information like customer’s Registration Date, Last Login Time and Time zone.


4.    Customer Remarks.


You can add customer remarks on the Remarks Field for easy management.

The customer remarks can only be accessed and edited by authorized shop administrators.


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