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Tracking Tools – Google Tag Manager


You can add Google Tag Manager (GTM) onto your eshopland online shop, to manage multiple tags of your online shop (such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.) and effectively track all events and page visits on your shop webpages.


1.    Create Google Tag Manager Account


Sign in your Google Account, enter Google Tag Manager to “Create Account”.



Fill in your Company or Online Shop information.



Set the Container name and select the Target platform.



Press “Create” and Accept the Google Tag Manager Terms of Service to create an account.

The page will be directed to Google Tag Manager Workspace and the code below will appear on the screen.

Since eshopland has already in-built the codes onto the shops, you can simply click “X” to Close the codes.



2.    Copy the GTM Container ID


You can find your GTM Container ID (GTM-XXXXXXX) near the top of the window.



3.    Add the GTM Container ID onto your eshopland account


Go to eshopland Admin Panel > Settings > Integration > Tracking Tools. Enable Google Tag Manager and paste your GTM Container ID into the field, then press Save

The Google Tag Manager has been successfully added onto your eshopland shop, you can create new triggers of the container on Google Tag Manager now.



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