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Bank Transfer


Bank Transfer template is a system template. You can edit the content and save it as your personalized payment collection method. Follow the guidelines below to set bank transfer as one of your payment collection methods.


1.    Login and go to the Admin Panel. Click Settings > Payment.


Click the Add  to add a new Payment Method. Select the Bank Transfer template from the list.



2.    Set up Bank Transfer.



Display – the bank transfer icon

If you set bank transfer as your payment collection method, this icon will be shown on the footer of your online shop webpage.


Settings - Beneficiary Information

Select the Bank from the list, or enter the Bank Name directly on the field.

Enter the Account Name.

Enter the Beneficiary Name.


Additional Fees – additional charges to be paid by customers who choose to settle the payment by bank transfer


You can choose to charge on a fixed rate or charge by percentage.


Payment Deadline – the payment settlement deadline


The Payment Deadline will be counted in hour.

If the customer failed to settle payment by the payment deadline, the Payment Status of the order will be changed to Overdue  automatically.

You can choose to cancel that order.


Payment Method Description – notes for customers who choose to settle the payment by bank transfer


You can enter information such as the payment deadline, payment record upload guidelines and so on into this field.



3.    Select to Cancel  or Save  the changes.


4.    The Payment Method is added successfully.



5.    Press Delete  to remove the added payment method from the list.


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