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Pexels Free Stock Photos


eshopland has integrated with Pexels free stock photos website, inbuilt the Pexels Free Stock Photo Gallery into the system, allowing you to use free high quality stock photos to build and design your online shop.


Pexels Free Stock Photos is a global well-known free stock photo website, providing royalty free photos and videos for personal and commercial use.


Pexels official website:


1.    Enter the Pexels Free Stock Photo Gallery.


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Media, then you can access the Pexels Free Stock Photo Gallery.

eshopland has pre-selected and preloaded a wide variety of high quality images and categorized in the inbuilt gallery for your easy access.

You can select and apply the images from the Pexels Free Stock Photo Gallery for your products or website design.



2.    Select a preloaded image.


Choose a category and pick an image.



The image will be displayed in different sizes, for applying onto different content of your online shop.


169          1920 x 1080

43            1280 x 1024

11            1024 x 1024



You can customize the cropping area and the image size.


Select the image and Confirm  to apply, the image will be auto added to “My Gallery” for your future use.


3.    Search on the Pexels Free Stock Photo Gallery.


You can search on the Pexels Free Stock Photo Gallery by entering keywords, the results will appear instantly for your easy application.



4.    Applying the image onto the design modules.


You can directly apply the images from the Pexels Free Stock Gallery onto the design modules when you are design your online shop on the Layout Designer.


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