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Product List Style


eshopland e-commerce platform allows merchants to design the product listing style in the Layout Designer. Users can adjust the product list style to match your shop design.

eshopland offers you high flexibility in shopfront design, make it much easier to build your preferred shop style.


1.    Product List Page


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Pages, click “Products” to enter the page.



2.    Product List Style


Click Product List Style to enter the setup page.



3.    Styling Features


You can design the product listing style of your online shop.

You can preview the styling effect instantly.

When you update and save the style, the new style will be auto applied to the All Product List Module.


You can click “Reset Default” to reset all the Product List Style to the system default settings.




Background Color

Color to be applied to the whole Product List page.


Text Color

Color to be applied to the Product List filter, placed on top of the products.



Product Display:


The spacing between products in pixels (px).

When you change the spacing, the size of the product blocks will be auto adjusted.


Background Color

The background color of the product blocks.

You can simply pick a color or enter a color code to set the background color.



Product Name:

Font Size

Row Height

Text Color

Font (English & Chinese)

Bold Text

Text Align



Style of the Prices:

Font Size

Row Height

Text Color


Bold Text

Text Align


Regular Price

Original Price

Special Price

Member Price



Style of the Tags:

Background Color

Text Color

Font (English & Chinese)


Bold Text

Font Size


Pre-order Tag

Special Offer Tag

Sold Out Tag

Limited-Time Tag

Member Price Tag



Save the changes.

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