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“Products” Page Design


On eshopland ecommerce platform, merchants can customize the “Products” page design. eshopland offers you high flexibility on web design, to create a personalized shop website is just simple.


1.    The “Products” Page


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Pages,

click “Products” to enter the page.



2.    “Products” Page Design


Select a module to set the style of the “Products” page.


All Product List:

Showing all products on the page

Categories will not be shown


All Categories & Products:

Showing all products on the page

Showing all categories and sub-categories on the page



3.    Design of Category List and Product List


You can add design on the category list and product list, please read Category List Style and Product List Style for the steps.

The category list style and product list style will be auto applied onto the All Product List, All Categories & Products and Products in Category modules.



4.    Apply the Updates


Save  the changes.


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