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Mobile Menu Settings


All online shops created on eshopland ecommerce platform are responsive and can be displayed on mobile devices perfectly.


The mobile menu is synchronized with the navigation bar of the webpages by default. Merchant can choose to add the “Categories” shortcut and social media page links onto the mobile menu, allowing visitors to browse the products by categories and also contact the merchant via the social media links more conveniently.


1.    Show “Categories” on Mobile Menu


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Preferences > Settings


Enable  Show “Categories” on mobile menu

Enabled by default.



To show the product “Categories” shortcut on the mobile menu.

You are required to add product categories in order to show the Categories shortcut on the mobile menu.



The category list will appear when pressing the Categories shortcut.

You can design the Category List on Admin Panel > Design > Pages > Products > Category List Style.

For details on how to design the Category List, please visit Category List Style.



2.    Show “Social Media” links on Mobile Menu


Enable  Show “Social Media” links on mobile menu

Enabled by default.



You are required to add social media page links in order to show the social media icons on the mobile menu.



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