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eshopland platform is equipped with a multi-functional smart media gallery, for saving and managing all product images and media files of your online shop. You can allocate all your images and media files into different folders, make it easier to manage and locate.


1.    Entering the Media Gallery.


Go to Admin Panel > Design > Media.


All the images and media files you uploaded will be auto stored in the Media Gallery.

If you didn’t put the image into a folder, it will be saved in “My Gallery”.

The shop logo and favicon files will be auto saved into the system generated folder named “shop-info”.

The payment settings files (e.g. Alipay QR code) will be auto saved into the system generated folder named “payment”.



2.    Media Gallery Features.


      Add an Image

Select an image or media file from your mobile phone, portable devices or computer to add it into a folder or the Media Gallery.

You can also add images to the Media Gallery from the inbuilt Pexels Free Stock Photo Gallery.


     Create a Folder

When you create a folder, you are required to name it.



Click Edit  next to the folder to rename the folder.

Click Delete  at the top right corner of the folder to delete the folder. When you delete the folder, all images in the folder will also be deleted permanently.

The “shop-info” and “payment” are system generated folders, cannot be renamed nor deleted.


Creating different folders to allocate and store the images and media files, make it more well-organized and easier to manage.

When you add an image into a folder, the system will auto update accordingly, no extra action is required.



       Copy to Folder

Select the images in the Media Gallery and copy to a specified folder.



     Move to Folder

Select the images in the Media Gallery and move to a specified folder.



      Deselect Files

Click to deselect all files.


3.    Manage Image Name.


You can search the image from the Media Gallery by entering the keyword of the image name.


Select an image and press Edit  next to the image to rename the image.

Adding related name for the image to match with your products and online shop can effectively improve SEO (search engine optimization).



4.    Delete an image.


Select an image, click Delete  and Confirm  to permanently delete the image from the Media Gallery.

Once the image is deleted, image-missing will occur on the applied areas (e.g. product image, images on webpages).


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