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ShipAny Shipping Management


Merchants can arrange order shipment by ShipAny logistics automation services on eshopland admin panel to simplify shipping procedures and enhance operational efficiency.


To use ShipAny shipping management services, you are required to register for a ShipAny account and connect your account to eshopland. For more details about ShipAny account registration and eshopland connection, please read ShipAny Logistics Automation.


1.    Order to be Shipped by ShipAny.


Customer can choose one’s preferred shipping method during checkout.

To make ShipAny as one of the shipping methods for customers’ selection, merchants should add it to the shop on the admin panel in advance.


If merchant expect customers to use ShipAny as the only shipping method in order enjoy the logistics automation services, merchant can add ShipAny Logistics Automation as the only shipping method of the online shop.

Merchants can rename the name of the shipping method, for example, to change “ShipAny – Logistics Automation” to “Shop delivery services”, “Delivery or Pick-up”, etc.



2.    Customer’s Selection of Shipment Service.


When the customer selected to use ShipAny, one will be required to fill in Customer Information and Delivery Information.

When customer select the Shipping District, all available shipping services will be shown for selection.


Self-pick-up Services:

SF Express Business Station/Store

SF Express Service Partners

SF Lockers

Hong Kong Post

Convenient Store

Gas Station

ZTO Express



Delivery Services:

Business Address

Residential Address



If the customer chooses to pick-up the order, all available pick-up points will be shown for selection.

If the customer wants the order to be delivered to a business address or residential address, one will be required to fill in a correct shipping address.



3.    Instant Shipping Quotation.


Customer pressing “Estimate Shipping Fee” can instantly get the shipping rate to be paid for the order.

The shipping rate will be estimated according to customer’s choices of shipping service.

All available shipping options (if any) will be listed for customer’s selection.



The chosen shipping fee will be auto added onto the order total for customer’s payment when proceeding cart checkout.




4.    Managing Shipment.


Go to Admin Panel > Orders, click the Order Number.

On the Shipment sessions of the order page, click “Shipping Order” to enter the Shipping Order content page. All information on this page will be synchronized to ShipAny logistics gateway and used for printing the shipment waybill and packing slip of the order.


Sender Information

The system will synchronize ShipAny and auto fill in the sender information.

Merchant can edit the Sender Information


Recipient Information

Merchant can edit the Recipient Information as well as the Shipping Method.


Product Information

Merchant can edit the Product Total Price which will only be used for printing shipment waybill and packing slip.

Editing the shipment Product Total Price will not cause any change of the actual order record.


Package Information

The system will auto calculate based on the product weight and size details.

Merchant can amend the actual size and weight of the parcel to ensure getting an accurate shipping fee quotation.


Shipping Information

Set the order Shipping Type to “Ordinary” which to be shipped at room temperature, or “Air Conditioned / Chilled / Frozen” which required for cold chain logistics.

Select whether to “Drop-off” the order or require for “Parcel Collection”.

Merchant can edit the settings to ensure getting an accurate shipping fee quotation.



5.    Submit Order to ShipAny.


Select your option and press “Estimate Shipping Fee” to get the final quote of the order.

When you press “Place Order”, you are submitting this order to ShipAny logistics gateway officially and all information of this shipment order will be synchronized to ShipAny.



Once the shipment order is placed, the Waybill Number will be auto generated which also supports status tracking.

Press “Request Pickup” to auto arrange parcel collection through the ShipAny logistics gateway, no additional procedures required.

If you need to cancel the order with ShipAny, simply press “Cancel Order”.



6.    Auto Waybill Printing.


Merchant can use the “Print Waybill” feature to print the generated waybill and its corresponding packing slip.


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